Know About Johnathan Hillstrand: Wikipedia Details, Parents, Married, Wife, Career, & Net Worth

Johnathan Hillstrand’s Wikipedia Details

Johnathan Hillstrand is an Author/Illustrator and Deadliest Catch Start Captain. He rose to fame since the second season of Deadliest Catch. He has appeared in all the season of Deadliest Catch along with his brother.

Reality StarJohnathan was born on 5 August 1962 in Alaska, USA. As of 2022, he is 60 years old and as her birth in August, his birth sign is Leo. He is an American citizen holder and currently lives in Seattle, WA. Meanwhile, he belongs to a white ethnic group and follows Christianity as his religion.

As for his physical measurement, he has a quite impressive body, as he has a height of 6 feet (1.85m ) and weighs around 83 kg (183 lbs).

Johnathan Hillstrand’s Social Media Presence

Looking after Johnathan Hillstrand social media presence, he is active on the social media platforms. i.e Facebook, Instgram and Twitter. Johnathan has his verified Instagram account where he has 43.9 k followers having 74 posts. Similarly, he is active on Twitter, where he has 168.9k followers with total 9.1k tweets.

Apart from this, he also has his official Facebook account, which has 350k followers. Moreover, he doesn’t exist on the Wikipedia page, so his Wikipedia is missing.

Johnathan Hillstrand’s Parents

Deadliest Catch Caption, Johnathan was born to his parents (mother) Nancy Hillstrand) and (father) John Hillstrand with a great care and love. Johnathan’s father is also a fisherman, while his mother Nancy is a wild fish activist. His family also has other small business such as, Time Bandit Entertainment along with fishing, as fishing is their family business.

In addition, they also has a business of Time Bandit Fireworks and Time Bandit Spirits, among other other business. Also, he appeared in Deadliest Catch season along his brother,  with whom he grew up and spent his childhood. However, he is the eldest son of five children, older brother, David, younger, Michael, Andy and Neal.

Johnathan Hillstrand’s Education

Johnathan Hillstrand is a high school graduate. After he completed his high school form his home town, he entered the commercial fishing industry. He entered in the fishing industry with necessary licenses and proper , when he was still a teenager with proper.

Johnathan Hillstrand’s Married Life

Captain Johnathan is a married man. He married his wife Heather Hillstrand, whose name was Heather Hamilton, before marriage. The couple married on 4 November 2017 in Las Vegas in front of their family and friends. According to the video posted on Twitter, their wedding is quite emotional as the former F/V Time Bandit captain sing for her and both began to tear up a bit.

After their marriage, the couple went on a romantic honeymoon. Johnathan and her wife enjoyed their trips, sharing their selfies on the plane and a bit of travelling.

Apart from their marriage, Johnathan met his wife Heather at the church which she confirmed via her Facebook post. The couple has been married for almost four years and happily living together.

Johnathan Hillstrand’s Wife

Johnathan Hillstrand’s wife Heather is also a reality star who worked in few shows. According to her IMDB, she appeared in Deadliest Catch, After Catch and a Deadliest Catch: Time Bandit Returns.

Aside of this, his wife, Heather is presently  50 years old who is 10 years younger than her wife. She always support her husband and she is also his motivation for his success in his career.

Johnathan Hillstrand’s Children

Johnathan Hillstrand is a father a child, Scott Hillstrand. Scott is also a reality star who was born on 27 June 1982, and he is 35 years till now. He took birth in Homer, Alaska, the United States, which is his father’s hometown too. He rise to fame about his appearance in reality tv star and also in the list of famous reality star.

Johnathan Hillstrand’s Career

Johnathan Hillstrand started his career as a Fisherman at a very young age. However, he became a professional fisher man and started his career as a professional at the age of seventeen as a third generation fisherman. In addition, he owns fishing vessel FV Time Bandit, which his fahter designed it in 1991, with Johnathan’s brother Andy and Neal.

Other than being a fisherman, Johnathan has a entrepreneurial spirit and has various businesses like Time Bandit Fireworks, Time Bandit Entertainment, Time Bandit Productions, Time Bandit Spirits, and The Time Bandit Gear Store.

Apart from his business, he has been appearing in various parts of the TV Series documentary Deadliest Catch. He become more popular when he appeared in the Descovery Channel show Deadliest catch season 2 in 2006. Johnathan featured in all the season of Deadliest Catch, upto 13th season.

Moreover, Johnathan announced his retirement form the commercial fishnig after Deadliest Catch season 13.

Johnathan Hillstrand’s Net Worth

Concerning his wealth, Deadliest Catch, Johnathan has an estimated net worth of about $2.2 million. He earns his decent sum of his fortune as a fisherman and appeared in Deadliest Catch seasons. Johnathan made a good profit after he appeared on the reality show, Deadliest Catch. While, his wife, Heather has an estimated net worth of around $750 thousand.

Moreover, in 2007, he had to pay $1.4 million to one of his member Crew of Time Bandit, as he lost his right hand and forearm due to the explosion of a firecrackers. Meanwhile, his condition become more worst as Discovery Channel also sued him for a whopping $ 3 million, a shooting conflict caused by misunderstanding.

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